Review: Haven

““Between The Senses””

There have been many very good acts coming out if the UK in the past year and a half and all of them have a unique quality that separates them from the kindred spirits found in the US.  My favorites from the UK right now are Doves and Starsailor.  Doves is certainly in my top ten favorite bands of all time.  These acts are so great because they are believable.  They are bold and show their true unabashed feelings through their music without the bullshit that comes along with most other music.  Good musicians share a piece of their soul with you so that the listener can take something away from their music.  In other words, music should be from the heart and that is where Haven created their new record “Between The Senses.”  I understand why NME, a reputable publication, has listed Haven as one of “The Ten Hottest New Rock Bands in the UK.”  These guys were even discovered by The Smith’s original manager Joe Moss.  This led to the production of their record by Johnny Marr of The Smiths.  The three closing songs “Is This Bliss,” Keep On Giving In,” and “All Together” are just so inspiring.  I would say this band is in the same class as, but better than Travis, Coldplay, Elbow, Starsailor and the like.  Try some music from the soul.