Review: Glasseater

“Everything is Beautiful When You Don’t Look Down”

OK, I admit, I never thought much of Glasseater in the past.  It’s amazing what a few line-up changes will do for your sound though.  Gone is the prog-rock and uninspired hardcore of the past and the new and improved Glasseater is one that will stick with you for a while.  Running the gamut from poppy-punk to screamo, “Everything is Beautiful” showcases a wide range of talent as well as enough emotion to knock your average episode of “Paradise Hotel” on its ass.

The strongest tracks on the ten-track LP are undoubtedly the ones that combine the harmonic aspects of their multi-layered sound with the more traditional hardcore breakdowns and screams.  Both “At Your Own Risk” and “Greetings…Goodbye” are excellent examples of this whirling dichotomy, enabling Glasseater to display their catchy hooks without sacrificing all of the intensity.  On the downside, there are a few too many songs about girls and two of the tracks are dangerously close to radio-friendly filler, but Glasseater is definitely headed down the right path and that’s good news for you and me both.