Review: Frank Jordan “Enemies”

Frank Jordan
(Cornerstone R.A.S.)

Finally, live tracks by Frank Jordan.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Frank Jordan they are from Sacramento and have one previous release “Decoy”.  I’ll be damned if “Decoy” was not one of the best albums of 2000 that no one ever heard.  Thought it was their freshman release Frank Jordan sure as hell sounded like veterans.  The singer Mike Visser has an absolutely amazing voice.  “Decoy” was unprecedented as it merged a trippy indie/emo sound with one hell of a voice, hypnotic guitars, beautiful lead bass lines, and superb drum work.  Unfortunately “Decoy” went unnoticed by the underground music scene and by the popular music culture.  The new E.P. “Enemies” is much anticipated by those who know Frank Jordan and is highlighted by the 5 live tracks included.  The live tracks are absolutely amazing for their tightness and that beautiful voice of Visser and the studio tracks are the same solid sound I have come to love.  Once again I have been left in awe by this startlingly new outfit.  I can’t believe these guys have not been signed to a fairly large label!  If only there was more new music that sounds like Frank Jordan.