Review: Found Dead Hanging

Found Dead Hanging
““Dulling Occams Razor””
(Black Market)

Sigmund Freud would have a field day analyzing these clowns and their personality crises. While a band like Today Is The Day make something interesting out of their ham-fisted means of slamming noise and various extreme genres together, Found Dead Hanging are the perfect example of everything that can go wrong with the same idea. This monstrosity of an amalgam between hardcore and metal is almost too angular to enjoy. Like the jazz-metal of Candiria, they just start getting into a certain groove and then they switch paces entirely; but that’s only the songs that aren’’t little more than guitar noodling laid over anti-beat drum “patterns” if you will.

Just as you’re about to turn it off, they break into these cool Pantera-influenced harmonic squeals and some stellar blast-beat metal territory or sloth-like drumbeats and will-not shaking guitar riffs that are hot, sludgy slices of doom metal. Too bad you have to sit through what feels like hours of instrumental masturbation and pointless screaming to get to them.