Review: Form of Rocket

Form of Rocket
(Some Records)

When you think of Form of Rocket just picture dense fuzz rock that you might have heard in the late 90s. I wasn’’t too impressed until I got to the funked up “Living in a World of Change and Shit” with the intro as a spoken word about how this fucked world isn’t just a human problem to the crazy vocal rants about how fucked the world is.

The best part about this song is the obvious intentional funk (Helmet type funk) and the tight ass guitar solos with the lines “so this is now, we’re living now, so this is now” being screamed.  In the end the hapless lines “and then our heroes left dressed as anti-heroes tripping over cans of brains and buckets of intestines” leaves you helplessly wanting more.  I would buy or burn this album just to get that one track.  Unfortunately the rest of the album is forgettable.