Review: Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters
“One by One”

What’s cool about the latest Foo Fighters release is that the poppiness that FF started driving with their first release is all but buried, hidden between heavy bass production and excellent drumming. The guitars and vocals are, well, Foo-ish, and after listening to this advance tape (I guess RCA is trying to prevent piracy or something – I had to review this in my truck) I can’t help but wonder if Dave Grohl and the other monkee’s in FF have been listening to the indie rock trend making waves thru clubs and the such. This would explain the heavy dip the FF indulge with their latest effort (check out the drums in “Low” – a little Hey Mercedes-ish), perhaps a return gesture after what the indie scene borrowed and explored into their own world after hearing Nirvana. Speaking of, “All My Life” sounds like a missing track off Nirvana’s only decent album, “Bleach”. Even still, there is no mistaken the FF presence in this album, especially with tracks like “Halo” and “Lonely as You” which tells me one thing; there’s life in that ‘ol Foo machine.