Review: The Flying Tigers

The Flying Tigers
(Atlantic Records)

Long live Modern Rock, The almighty music recycling machine. Cloned Teen Spirit so far removed from the original that at first glance you wouldn’t even recognize where it came from. And so here we have product 2A-83537B. I feel sorry for these guys because they probably don’t even realize the Matrix has them. And while the Atlantic tentacle systematically empties the pockets of the Tigers ripped dungarees, we get 11 tracks of melodramatic sonic drivel. It’s all so formulaic. The guitars are loud and distorted, the vocals are whiny and apparently about “real life stuff” and the production is as crisp as a brand new 20 dollar bill. And my favorite part is that they’re from LA. What a surprise. We’ve all heard Collective Soul, Dishwalla and Seven Mary Three. Stop filling the airwaves with this regurgitated dreck.