Review: Final Plan / My Luck

Final Plan / My Luck
““Closed Casket Secrets””
(Thorp Records)

Thorp Records presents two ferocious hardcore bands that absolutely punish my ears.  Final Plan is one of those extremely heavy bands with extra deep guitar riffs that change pace often.  The guitar wouldn’t sound right without the super fast and excellently timed drums.  Unfortunately,  the   lyrics         sound something    likethesewordslook.  The lyrics   de    pend onthemusic    and     have norhyme    orreason   totheirdelivery making them sound haphazard and makingthesinger    soundlikea        barking dog.

My luck comes on and quite frankly, I was ready for them.  This is one of those bands where the instruments go crazy while the lead singer pelts out lyrics that only he can understand.  This guy could be saying “when I go to the grocery store I buy milk” or “the first thing I do in the morning is stroke my cock-n-balls” and I wouldn’t know the difference.  Despite, I really dig this band because it is one of those penetrating and sporadic hardcore bands with the muffled hard to understand lyrics that get me in the pit.  Pretty cool shit.