Review: Figure Four

Figure Four
“Suffering The Loss”
(Solid State)

I don’t know what the heck is in the drinking water in Canada but there seems to be some solid hardcore coming out of the great white north. A prime example of that is Figure Four’s “Suffering The Loss”, which blows away half the hardcore records being released today. This record is fast and heavy as fuck, reminiscent of Hatebreed’s “Satisfaction Is the Death Of Desire” in style and execution. ‘Hear My Words’ has this gigantic build up where everything sounds larger than life, truly fantastic. ‘

Suffocation’ has lyrics that bleed through with the conviction of a hardcore kid hammering himself with a closed fist to the heart. Without a doubt this was probably the best CD I received this month. I can easily see a couple hundred kids screaming every word to this record and that’s the way it should be as Figure Four have written a great record. Just like the wrestler Ric Flair, this Figure Four is deadly.