Review: Fiction Plane

Fiction Plane
“Everything will never be ok”

Holy shit!  Stings son kind of sings like his old man, meets Chris Cornell and his last name is Sumner! Stings last name is Sumner! Everything in the world is weird right now.  I kind of feel sorry for Joe Sumner because he probably never hears the end of it.  Not to mention having to follow a legacy of music like that of Stings would be a quite a challange, to say the least.

Fiction Plane sounds a lot like most current day mainstream pop rock bands. They could be most easily compared to bands like Bush, or Vertical Horizon.  The music is pop-rockin’, has lots of hooks, and is aimed at the feel good teen movement.  Songs like “Cigarette” would be a smash if featured on an episode of “Dawson’s Creek”, or an artsy love film featuring the latest hot actors and actresses.  Joe Sumner seems to be sporting some bitterness which is indicated  by lyrics like, “”Touch me cause’ my daddys rich, marry into a bigger fish.”  I guess everyone has to find the fuel for fire somewhere in life.  It must be tuff having to shake girls of your leg with a stick though, what a drag!