Review: Feable Weiner

Feable Weiner
“Dear Hot Chick”

Feable Weiner?  Before I even threw this in I knew it was going to be poppy, hyper, and super fuckin’ wacky.  I’m not even going to go into a shit talking rant about the name, it would be way too easy.  This sounds like a cross between Wheatus, and a buddy bonding moment in a feel good teen movie.  My God.  There’s even silly plays on the song titles, “Handjabs”, “Attorneying Me On”.

I bet all their buddies just laugh their asses off at these song titles.  Personally I thought the hoity-toity punk vibe via early to mid nineties had died.  Well, there are plenty of hooks and it probably couldn’t get any poppier than this, which I’m sure will have massive teen appeal.  Ok, if you wear skate shoes but don’t skate, are sixteen years old and drive a huge new lifted truck that you didn’t pay for, and are a smash hit in high school buy this album and bask in the good times.  Everyone else that is living in reality, steer clear.