Review: Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy
“Take This To Your Grave”
(Fueled By Ramen)

Yet another huge addition to the already stacked FBR line-up is Fall Out Boy.  I got a chance to hear this band on their last split with Rocket Summer and, frankly, found them forgettable.  I guess Rocket Summer just seemed like a much better band.  However, now that I have been exposed to them more (like 25 samplings of their album) I’ve come to enjoy their power pop punk sound.  I actually have a friend who owns a company that makes skate and rollerblading videos and when he asked me who he should put in his next video I recommended he put Fall Out Boy’s “Saturday” because the screaming is pretty cool, and the hooks are catchy enough to be the opening song on the next Fox sitcom.  It’s also funny how they thank Sean “Doobie Snacks” O’Keefe, Sean “Hotbox the Camero” O’Keefe and Sean “Dimebag” O’Keefe. O’Keefe is actually their producer.  Fall Out Boy will have a huge following in no time.