Review: Falling Cycle

Falling Cycle
“The Conflict”
(Facedown Records)

Heavy metal and hardcore, you’ve heard it a thousand times before but it is becoming very popular and a lot of people apparently dig it.  Falling Cycle does a good job of covering the metal side with some speedy fretwork, but the vocals lean more to the hardcore side of things, along with the ever-popular breakdowns.  This band reminds me of Fasedown, another band similar in genre who pulls off this style extremely well.  When Falling Cycle throws in a harmonized guitar lick that flows effortlessly into a real breakdown, then you can tell that they are at home in this speed-infested record.  Melody is a reoccurring theme in “The Conflict” and oh how refreshing it is. A metal band not afraid of acoustic guitars and pianos…neat, yes, but innovative?  You can be the judge of that.