Review: Erik Larson

Erik Larson
“The Resounding”
(Small Stone Records)

If you like your rock southern fried like COC or stoned out jams like Fu Manchu, then Erick Larson is what you’ve been searching for. The driving guitar god behind Alabama Thunder Pussy, Erik Larson has unleashed a solo offering in attempt to spread his wings musically. Turned up to 11 and drenched in feedback, “The Resounding” is a solid effort with tons of a little bit for everybody.

Songs like “Make It” showcase Erik’s ability to write dynamically; from the acoustic guitars that lead the song to the feedback drenched guitars that close it out this is killer material. Big guitars are what drive the “The Resounding” throughout songs like “Hardest Thing To Write About” or “I Feel Like Ted Nugent”. My only complaint is the songs can sound repetitive in nature at times almost as if each one drones into the next. Overall this is a solid solo effort from the Alabama Thunderpussy axeman.