Review: Endless Struggle

Endless Struggle
“Till the End”
(A-F Records)

Gritty gutter punk from the mean streets of…Salt Lake City?  Do they really have punk in Utah?  I guess there was that movie “SLC Punk” but I never saw it.  Anyway, Endless Struggle are the punkers with mohaws, safety pins, and Anti-Flag shirts.  Somebody’s got to represent in that god-forsaken state, I guess, might as well be these guys.  “Till the End” is undoubtedly one of the catchier street punk albums around.  Dual guitar players means there’s enough room for a smidgen of harmonic interplay on the dozen tracks here, allowing for a bit of variety that’s often missing on so many other thrash-punk albums.

Endless Struggle does their best to address a decent range of topics on their LP, but the messages they’re sending often seem at odds with each other.  The second track, “Payback”, is about September 11th and contains such sentiments as, “So go ahead try to hide in your cave / We’ll blow your ass up and make it your grave”.  Okay, that’s fine, but when it’s followed up with “Till the Ends”‘s, “Let’s go out tonight, let’s have some fun alright / Let’s go out tonight, everything will be alright”, some of the urgency and passion in the message gets diluted and lost.  Still, Endless Struggle has got to be the best punk band in Utah.  And that’s really saying something.