Review: Dub Narcotic Sound System

Dub Narcotic Sound System
“Degenerate Introduction”
(K Records)

It seems that not even a massive car accident can stop the machine that is the Dub Narcotic Sound System! After being involved in a major car crash while on tour last year, the members of the Dub Narcotic Sound System were hospitalized and have since bounced back to full form on their latest release “Degenerate Introduction.”

The hipster blues swagger that has always been at the heart of all Dub Narcotic albums is still heavily present on “Degenerate Introduction.” While K Records chief Calvin Johnson tackles duty on the microphone, his ever-supportive rhythm section lays down the beats as he croons away with his strange brand of campfire sing songs.

Nine songs in all with a running time just under fifty minutes, “Degenerate Introduction” is another notch in the belt for Pacific Northwest blues-rock, and definitely an album you and your friends should be dancing to, like the little hipsters you know you are!