Review: Dressy Bessy

Dressy Bessy
“Little Music”
(Kindercore Records)

Pick up this copy of Modern Fix, get a glass of lemonade, hop in your car with “Little Music” and drive out to the country with your special friend listening to Dressy Bessy. One of you should wear a poodle skirt. When you get to a secluded meadow, unroll a blanket and put it in the middle of the meadow. Run to opposite ends and then skip toward your special friend while snapping your fingers and dancing like Carlton from The Fresh Prince. It sounds complicated, but if you are listening to Dressy Bessy in the
background this will all be second nature.

“Little Music” is a big fat pack of indie-flavored bubble-gum pop. The only frills on the album sound like they came from a Casio keyboard circa 1983, but it all works. This CD of meadow-skipping music is a compilation of early Dressy Bessy tunes. Even though it is early, the band sounds like they have been making bubble-gum since we first learned that a doe was a deer, a female deer. Pass by these four rockers if you are looking for depressing and somber songs.

Dressy Bessy will take you to that meadow and make you dance like a monkey and wish for simpler times. Does anyone else miss poodle skirts?