Review: Dogwood

“This is not a New Album”

The title of this CD is particularly fitting, as any of the music on it could’ve been on any generic pop-punk record of the last 10+ years. Fortunately, Dogwood has got a ready made audience of youth group kids whose parents will endorse this “punk on the outside, puritan on the inside” crap. You know what those kids’ll be getting in their stocking this year if they’re nice.  The presumably “spiritual” message would be a lot more effective it the music wasn’t just a weak take on the vastly superior work created by Dogwood’s numerous pagan-punk ancestors, but hey, Christianity has always been good at doing that kind of thing.  More likely to get on the radio than Torn in Two, I s’pose.  Dogwood backwards is “Doowgod.”  That’s kinda cool.