Review: Destiny  

“The Tracy Chapter”
(Life Force Records)

Something is rocking in the state of Denmark.   Ok, the album was recorded in Aarhus, Denmark, but these guys are probably from Hoboken, New Jersey, or something.  Regardless, ‘The Tracy Chapter’ is a cool album. Because their music hits hard, it’s not surprising that these guys do well in Western Europe.

The drums are well suited to the guitar riffs, however, the bass lines are negligible (since you can’t really hear them), but the CD’s greatest asset is the fast paced and powerful guitar which, though fairly hard driven, is rich in melody (like a beefed up version of the band ‘Hum’).   The problem is that the vocalist of the band, Johannes Formella, does not by any means complement the complexity of the guitar riffs which (his brother?) Sebastian Formella supplies.

It’s not that Johannes can’t sing- he does occasionally break into brief melodic vocals which are quite suitable- it’s that he refuses to use his voice for almost anything other than your typical hardcore growling.  Well, hey, Johannes, I’m over it.  Growling has its place, but your singing voice is by far superior to your yelling.  -Hopefully, he’s reading this.  Ultimately, it is a rocking album.  With a little adjustment to the vocals, this album would be truly kick-ass.  Hell, it’s already more than half-way there.