Review: Demilos


Soaring through the clouds, suspended by super powers and tights, Demilos flies.  This trio has taken a torch from the Flaming Lips fire and is carrying it proudly.  Deep drums that sound like they were recorded with a hand held recorder back up the spaced out guitar, bass and sound effects.  If I could fly, Demilos is what I would listen to.  Anyone with a fear of flying should invest in this EP (only four songs) and all your cares will be carried away for about 15 minutes.

These guys are minimalists with a lot to say.  Their website is quick and simple, their music is easy to digest but has enough under its surface to keep ears intrigued.  “Useless Farm” sounds like Granddaddy revved up, which isn’t very revved at all.  The whiny keyboard and whistling that open the track set up the song perfectly.  The layers blend together like smoke and air before fading out to a single acoustic guitar.  It’s like being surrounded and then everything vanishes. “Steal the Night” is the most structured song on the album, but so is “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1” and it still kicks some robot ass.  Listening to Demilos makes me warm inside.  If you were closer I’d give you a hug.  I’d give anyone a hug and then take them flying. Thanks for the four songs Demilos, now where’s the full-length?