Review: Deerhoof

“Apple O'”
(5 Rue Christine / Kill Rock Stars)

Deerhoof certainly aren’t fucking around on their latest record “Apple O’.” Led by the hypnotic and child like voice of bassist Satomi Matsuzaki, the album unfolds like a post punk fairy tale for art pranksters longing for something with that “underground appeal” that was so prevalent during the nineties.

Although the lyrics are minimal and often repetitive, it’s the melodies within the music that draws fans to the music of Deerhoof.
From the album’s opening pop attack “Dummy Discards A Heart” to the lullaby closer “Blue Cash”, “Apple O'” will definitely appeal to fans of the Boredoms, Jim O’Rourke and Sonic Youth. With thirteen tracks in all running just over thirty minutes, “Apple O'” seems destined to be yet another sleeper album by an extremely underrated and overlooked band. Get off your mom’s couch and go check it out.