Review: Czolgosz

(Rodent Popsicle)

Czolgosz plays old school political punk, and it’s more dorky than crusty.  Typical, uninsightful, anti-American statements from the comfort of a trite, played-out musical format.  To completely contradict and discredit any liberal ideas they might
promote, Czolgosz cough up some childish, silly bits of intolerance like “Fuck the French.”  They’re hard to take seriously, if they are really even trying to get any serious ideas across.  They claim “style over substance” is a rotten thing, but the packaging is a confused mesh of Giantesque “commie” propaganda with “anarcho punk” inscribed in the middle and on the back cover they have a picture of a classic bomb (the bowling ball type with the little fuse).  I dunno…  This kind of gives any decent left-of-center bands, artists and thinkers a bad name.  Quite probably a hoax put together by some semi-imaginative, right-wing, fringe group to make liberal anarchists look like idiots.