Review: Cush

(Northern Records)

The first track “Run Mary Run” starts out and I am seriously confused.  This song could easily be changed around and made into a church choir song (chanting and clapping like it’s going out of style).  Then I read the title of the next track “My God Is Real” and I knew I’d had it.  I promised myself not to be stereotypical and write this group off as a bunch of Jesus freaks, but my brothers and sister, these here’s Jesus freaks.

The funniest track is definitely ‘“Sign of the Judgment”’ because it’s like the “I’ve been working on the railroad” of our eventual Apocalypse (like they’re all working on the end of the world or something?).  I’ve got to say that the last track with a guy trying to sound like Bob Dylan while he pelts out “I would Die 4 U” is pretty damn funny too.  I’m not attacking any type of faith, but these guys just suck ass.