Review: Corn Doggy Dog & the 1/2 Pound

Corn Doggy Dog & the 1/2 Pound
“Good Clean Filth”
(Long Beach Records)

Well, if you look at the side of this CD it says “Good Clean Flith.”  If you think a band who releases a product with those kind of stupid typos left uncorrected probably aren’t any good, you’re right.  The whole thing sounds like it’s a joke, but most of the time in spite of the jokesters.  It comes off like a “punk” band a bunch of frat boys put together after taking tons of bong hits at a kegger while listening to Sublime and thinking “we could do this!”  Full of inane rants and macho beach slang, it’ll only appeal to the most puerile senses of humor.  I’m sure it’s all just for fun, but why put money into promoting it?  Seems like it should only be for friends of those involved in the gag.  Maybe one of the guys is a marketing or business major and this was his thesis project or something.  Boggles the mind. Hmm…  says here that there are actually members of Sublime, Pennywise and other “notables” involved.  Yeesh.  Even scarier.  Good job boys–pass me a Bud.  Next time, however, you should maybe pay somebody else to do your term paper.