Review: Canibus “2000 BC”


“2000 BC”

Okay, stop the hating. Now. All this nonsense about Canibus not having skills, not being able to get good production, not being able to make a good album. This kid is on fire. he not only is lyrically superior to everyone in the rap game, but drops coherent, sensible, and vicioous rhymes. And if people were listening, they would see that all of his rhymes are battle raps. I get really, really upset that people who have obviously not heard the album try to criticize his style and his lyrics. Maybe he will never make a classic hip hop album. But as long as he is around, he will dominate the rap game in terms of lyrical flow and content. Not even LL wants to battle him. He has a vicious flow and a voice that is perfect for his style. Now, to the new album. It is a solid sophomore project, he has fled the Wyclef camp and introduces himself to producers who can suit his style a lot better. Remember “Rip Rock”? Well, no more of that $hit. That catchy aspect of his last album is gone. This one has been completely overtaken bu lower, more bass influenced beats which bow out to Canibus’s voice and lets his lyrical prowness shine. “100 Bars” (which come claim to be a freestyle) is a track that stand out because Canibus flows for 5 minutes with no hook, no stopping. Thats right, he goes from start to end with no interruption. I have heard him freestyle on the radio and can tell this just may be a freestyle, people have to stop him on the radio because he will keep on going. This song is the epitome of what Canibus represents, the emcee version of a AK-47. “2000 B.C.” is another banger, with a eerie gothic beat that protrudes tremendous amount of energy while Bus still remains lyrically sharp. Every song has this type of lyrical assault, but weaker tracks do stick out like a sore toe. “I’ll Beat ‘Em You Punish’Em” is highly debatable because if a very strange beat, and Rakim has a much different voice than Canibus. Every song can sound the same, because Canibus never changes his tone or edlivery, but the content of each song is different and unique. This guy is a poet that does not stop. Go check this album out!