Review: Canibus “Rip The Jacker”


“Rip The Jacker”
(Baby Grande)

I was first introduced to Canibus when I heard the Lost Boys’ “Beasts from the East”. After that one vicious verse, I was convinced a new legend had birthed, and we might just have a new greatest MC one day. Then, unfortunately, the rookie Canibus took on the task of creating a beef with the master LL Cool J. Canibus was good, but he had a whole lot to learn. A Rap beef can make or break your career, and LL was left standing. The next thing I heard from Canibus, he had an album based on dissing Eminem, which went mostly unheard. After 9/11, Canibus made a track about retaliation for the atrocity, and then joined the military. (What the?) Now Canibus has returned once again, with a more notable than effort than his previous attempts. A more mature and still well spoken MC now stands in Canibus’ sneakers (or combat boots?). Of course, the boasts are flying like tracer bullets, as per his trademark. I really don’t want to like Canibus to be honest. His ego is bigger than his Rap muscle, and the whole Patriot thing is not appealing. But this shit is pretty good. His super scientifical vocabulary and well orchestrated production by Stoupe has made this a decent comeback. I like battle Rappers. His display of well developed battle skills, reminiscent of his original effort with the Lost Boys, is very evident on “Jack the Ripper”. It’s just too bad that it may be too late for him to reach the heights he once aspired to hit. Giving him due credit, he has won me back…for a minute.

Hugh Knightibus