Review: Call Me Lightning


Call Me Lightning
“The Trouble We Are In”

So Revelation seems to be mining Wisconsin for their recent signings.  Since by Man hails from Madison and now one of the labels newer acquisitions is Call Me Lightning from Milwaukee.  Formed by ex-members of Akarso, Hero of a Hundred Fights and Haymarket Riot, the resume is easily heard in the end result.  Scratchy quick strummed guitars dance behind pleading, breathy vocals that warble with an interesting out-of-control (and barely in tune) charm.  Think Minutemen vocal acrobatics with a jagged Fugazi groove and you’ll get an idea.  There is an erratic approach to song structures that gives a complexity to this indie rock that’s hard to ignore.  Songs have diversity and most importantly, rock.  They rock a little to left, meaning, there is a constant quirky tempo or guitar run that keeps the listener off guard.  This is good.  This makes for a more original sound.  Do you know how hard that is to do nowadays?  It takes a band from Milwaukee to bring something fresh to the indie rock table.  Go ahead, make all the Happy Days jokes you want, but these guys would have rocked Arnolds way more than those pussies in Weezer.