Review: Broken Heroes / The Weekend Warriors

Broken Heroes / The Weekend Warriors
“Beer Guts and Drunk Sluts”
(Street and Anthem Records)

This thing is scratched all to hell.  See, sometimes labels send us CDs that don’t have a case or anything and sometimes I keep my surfboards above the box that I keep the CDs in and sometimes sand falls into the box and sometimes the CDs get all scratched to hell.  Not that I’m pissed or anything.  In fact, I think this split actually sounds better all F’ed up.

Broken Heroes and The Weekend Warriors are a couple of Oi bands that play their shows with big old American flags behind the drummer and a singer who drinks ten times as many beers than the number of notes he can hit on a treble clef.  The difference between the two acts?  Hell if I know.  With all the skipping and such it’s hard to really get a good feel for either of these two bands, except to say, “don’t bother.”

Broken Heroes seem to be all about the sluts while The Weekend Warriors are more about the beers.

Sort of like how Tupac was contrasting the “bitches and blunts/weed and money” crowds, nahmean?

Anyway, there’s nothing much here for those outside of the blue-collar factories in Pennsylvania who think that minorities are out ruining the economy and three guitars mean triple the fun.  Why be fat when you could be beautiful?