Review: Boston Scene Report


Various Artists
“Boston Scene Report”

Hot damn, I love Boston.  I just read a book about a bunch of geeks from MIT that crack like secret blackjack codes and take Vegas for millions.  Totally killer.  Suspect Device kicks this comp off and Jason Bennett’s vocals are so good it’s not even funny.  Gritty as sharkskin and as punk as your mom, “The Life We Lead” will have you stomping around your room and wishing you could chill in Harvard Square.  “Dead City Lights”, Suspect Device’s second contribution also rips in an old school, punktastic way, full of big licks and a catchy chorus.  “Bitter Pill” by Tommy and the Terrors is next with its snottier-than-thou attitude and furious antics.

While not as polished as the other acts on the comp, T&theT’s are street punk without the whiny lyrics and they’ll mess you up if you say otherwise.  The A-Team are next and bring a bit of a hardcore feel to the effort, covering all of the bases with relentless guitars and crashing cymbals.  Last come the Fast Actin’ Fuses, which in my opinion is one of the lamer names around.  Whatever, the Fuses add some spice to the mix, bringing in tambourines and other unusual instruments in their effort to create a uniquely psychedelic brand of punk.  Beantown.  Gotta love it.