Review: Bosso Mundo 2”

Various Artists
““Bosso Mundo 2””

“The Bossa Mundo Concept is a unique collaboration between two incredibly talented DJ’s from two of the hottest indy labels out there-NYC’s Wave Music and Paris’ Yellow Productions”.   A comp full of latin-ish jazzy-lounge tracks that are all wonderfully played and produced.  Many are “sink your ass in the couch” and some are more of the “throw off your heels and dance on the tables never mind the pitchers of sangria” variety.

It’’s all kind of refreshing to a point where I start to hear all the same sounds over and over and hope to be saved by the next track or some wonderful musicianship, which is generally what happens…just not frequently enough.  To top it off there is a heavy dose of love/relationship related lyrics that just reminded me too much of the songs I used to hear in the waiting room of my dentist office when I was in elementary school. So be it. On the plus side the polyrhythms are potent and none of this stuff just goes thump thump thump which will keep you captivated, and, uh, sultry-fied.