Review: Blue Monday

Blue Monday
“What’s Done is Done”
(Stab and Kill Records)

It’s Monday right now as I write this and while I don’t feel particularly blue, I definitely don’t feel much of anything towards these Canadian hardcore straightedgers.  Yeah, they can scream and wail like Comeback Kid and even Carry On at times, letting you know that they’re not another NYC style growling-instead-of-singing act.  The first seven tracks on “What’s Done is Done” are new material and show the band is headed in the right direction when contrasted with the later five cuts, taken from an old 7″.

The slowed breakdowns and snatches of melody found throughout such songs as “Scars May Fade” and “Mid-Course Correction” allow for some much needed variety on the release, providing a brief respite from the tumultuous clamoring din.  When all is said and done though, what you’re left with is a few new songs that are better than a few old songs by a band that may or may not be named after a New Order song.  Not that I have anything against New Order, or even “What’s Done is Done” for that matter, it’s just that there are so many bands doing the same thing that it’s going to take more than just a few power chords to garner a recommendation, nahsayin?