Review: Blueline Medic

Blueline Medic
(Fueled By Ramen)

Although I’’ve heard a lot about Blueline Medic, I had honestly never heard them until a couple of days ago.  What I had heard is 100% true.  These guys are a small derivative of Alkaline Trio and newer No Motiv and the variation mostly calls on the raw distortion of Hot Water Music or maybe late Samiam.  The song themes are sort of silly.  One of the tracks is called “Sleepyhead” and the chorus is “wake up sleepyhead” which is sort of meaningless.

I did really like the track ‘“Moment Hasn’’t Come”’ for the explosive tumultuous guitars, keys, and melodies.  It’s not very expansive and won’t change your life, but it sounds phenomenal.  At a three track promotional taste tester it’s hard to see the true colors of a band, but I would most definitely like to hear more.  I just wonder why someone would spend the money on making all these promotional discs and not put the whole album on them.