Review: Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through
“This is Love, This is Murderous”

For a metal band, these guys are kind of gothed out.  Is this a new thing that I’m not hip on?  I’m not hip on a lot of stuff, so maybe it’s possible I totally blew it and I missed the Orgy-meets-Throwdown train.  Anyway, these five guys and one lady from lovely California combine dashes of black metal with enough hardcore breakdowns to fall nicely into the nebulous world of metalcore.

Fronted by ex-Throwdown-ex-Eighteen Visions showpiece Brandan Schieppati (he of the many tattoos and sexy arms), Bleeding Through combine some of the drumming found in a few of those Sweedish acts with names I can’t pronounce with the breakdowns that made Throwdown the legends that they are.
Schieppati does a good job of never letting the vocals become a repetitive scream or a tiresome squelch.  Instead, there’s enough variation here to make you feel like you haven’t wasted your time, which is always a nice feeling when you get a CD from a genre swamped with the mundane.  Even if the artwork inside is a little too pointed, that chick alone is worth the price of admission.  Good God.