Review: BlackStreet

“Level II”
(Dream Works)

What the fuck… someone just regurgitated remnants of an era better long forgotten. Long-term memory has unfortunately functioned properly, successfully scarring me with Black Street hits pre-high school years. My feeble infantile mind had gathered enough information at that time to help me escape the projectile vomit known as Black Street. Their beats were wack then, time has only amplified their unbelievable untalented talent of being untalented.

Teenyboppers, hop on for this ride though you might find yourself in a catch-22 which has recently been deciphered to really mean…these guys have R. Kelly status stamped on their forehead, watch out for lifeless beats smothered in a bland array of vocal retarded hooks and catchy phrases. Oh…and…possible golden showers.  These fools give Dirty Jerzey a bad name.