Review: The Black Keys

The Black Keys
““The Big Come Up””

The Black Keys are an outstanding art-punk damaged, blues/garage two-piece from Ohio that somehow manage to not sound like the bands that immediately come to mind when you hear such a description.  In other words they aren’’t another John Spencer take off, Doo Rag or Cash Money (Audio).  The Black Keys actually owe more to Howlin’ Wolf than 80’s punk, but carry their white boy soul off with the freshness and energy of a couple of kids ready to scrap with Shellac.  Dan Auerbach didn’t teach himself to play the blues out of a book either.  This guy actually knows what he’s doing and is rumored to have been schooled by some seasoned veterans. Surprised Orange Records or Fat Possum isn’t beating their door down to sign ‘em.  Touring the West Coast soon, so watch out!