Review: Black Cross

Black Cross
“Art Offensive”
(Equal Vision Records)

Siphoning off of the early 80’s DC hardcore sound, Black Cross (formerly Black Widows) punch through twelve kick-ass, retro-tinged jams with their eyes on the future. Bands like Hoover, Swiz and even Drive Like Jehu obviously influenced these guys, and it pays off in spades. Destructive but enjoyable with catchy, anthemic breakdowns, growling vocals interspersed throughout and the skill to make 26 minutes feel like an eternity.

If Hot Water Music took the time to experiment with their by-the-numbers formula, they might sound like this. Throaty vocals on lead, grinding metal-tinged guitars and the ability to mix sounds and styles without showing the seams make this well worth the time and cash. Buy this and pump your fists. Yah!