Review: Billy Club Sandwich

Billy Club Sandwich
“Chin Music”
(Inner Strength)

At first, “Chin Music” sounds like just another testosterone fueled, chest thumping waste of time.  However, after spending a few minutes with the twenty-track behemoth, there’s actually a lot going for it.  Rather than just the same old metal-core combo, BCS serve up speedy, methodical breakdowns and driving beats, all set to songs of alienation and abandonment.  Sure, it’s nothing Bane hasn’t already done better, but there’s something about the lyrics on “Chin Music” that should really resonate with anyone who happens to give them whirl.  “Infidel” is probably the strongest track on the album, and with couplets like “Exploding myself to see the real light/ Trading my flesh for eternal life,” it’s easy to see why.  If your NYHC addition is in need of a little fix, this is the one for you.