Review: Bif Naked

Bif Naked
(Her Royal Majesty)

I’ve always dug what Bif Naked has done in the past. Bif writes good songs whether they’re pop ballads or hard rock anthems. Everything from her early material like “Daddy’s Getting Married” and “Chotee” to her more pop material like “Spaceman” or the more melodic “Lucky” was good stuff. With the release her 3rd full length, “Purge”, Bif has once again evolved and created another great rock record. I appreciate the fact that Bif doesn’t re-record the same material and all 3 of her records have sounded different. This time around Bif has taken a middle of the road approach with this record. “Purge” is not as heavy as her first disc and yet not as mellow as her sophomore effort.

The album covers a wide variety of musical styles from the hard rocking ‘I Love Myself Today’ to the more pop oriented material like ‘Tango Shoes’. My biggest complaint about “Purge” in general is the material at times could be more extreme. There could be a little bit more punch to the rock songs and the melodic tracks could benefit from a little bit more experimentation. I think in general Bif has made a great rock record but I do wish she would have gone for the balls a little bit more on this one. At the end of the day if you’re a fan of good rock music then look no further as Bif Naked has turned in yet another solid effort and for that she should be applauded.