Review: Beyond the Embrace

Beyond the Embrace
“Against the Elements”
(Metal Blade)

Melodic metal with hoarse screaming vocals (but not all the time) sometimes the singer does something some might call singing, a kind of singing that reminds me a little of the vocalist from Cyclone Temple if anyone remembers that short lived fart in gale force winds.  The band has some very early speed metal (bay area thrash) influences that blend and mutate nicely with their more traditional NWOBHM inspirations.  And like one of the former NWOBHM bands (Iron Maiden) so too does Beyond the Embrace have three guitars which doesn’t do much for them on the album since one guy can pull it off in the studio, but ought to be
magnificent live, translating every last melodious groove, throat grabbing hook and ripping solo right into the live show without a hitch or gaff.  While most brand spankin’ new metal monkeys on the block opt for heavy hesitating power chords and rapping vocals, Beyond the Embrace hit the wax with due respect to metals’ roots rather than forsaking its history for the possibility of quick bucks.  Their sincerity, rock-n-roll skills and knowledge of those who have walked the path before them ought to do Beyond the Embrace justice and take them many years and quality albums into the future.