Review: The East Bay Chasers

The East Bay Chasers
“Johnny is a Junky”
(Rats Records / Cheetah’s Records)

“Johnny is a Junky” is a five-song EP filled to the brim with snotty, sneering punk rawk.  Although The East Bay Chasers rarely stray from the usual, tried and true subject matter (screw authority, screw the capitalist system, screw this, screw that, screw you if you don’t like it), it’s fast, catchy, and well-executed.  Singer Reed leads the charge with his nasally vocals, but gets a good bit of help from guitarists Jesse and Danica (looking frighteningly comfortable handling a shotgun in the picture on the back of the album), who are ready to push him along at every turn.  If Johnny’s a junky, he should get help, but a dose of what the East Bay Chasers are peddling never hurt anybody.