Review: Aspects of Physics

Aspects of Physics
“Systems of Social Recalibration”
(Imputer / Rocket Racer USA)

Excellent cover design. Expect a good 15 minutes of bewilderment, if you happen to smoke and then try to comprehend the insert. It reads important, but I can’t really visualize the end result; it reads like an aggravating sci-fi Photoshop manual. My computer is also mystified, reading this disc as of having 12 tracks, not 8, like the insert states. There were also 5 little blank tracks after that. So, what’s on the shiny disc? Slow background electronic noise, occasionally pulsing themselves up to Valium semi-self awareness but eventually leads you back down into a deep, Mesculine coma. You won’t find any attempt at a visible structure; the only thing that’s sure is that although each track mixes into the next, you can actually tell by the tempo’s slight adjustment. Worthy for those with a CD player and a heavy habit of tranquilizers.