Review: As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Fall
“A Tremor so Subtle”
(Sadistic Records)

This six track EP from New Jersey’s metalcore act As Darkness Falls boasts not only extra crispy production value but big and tasty lyrics as well.  “A Tremor so Subtle” succeeds in virtually every aspect I can think of.  The songs are well crafted, wavering between slow, grinding chorus and frenetic verses, allowing a tumultuous, unsettling atmosphere to creep its way into the entire effort.  Tim Lutz’s maniacal screams further augment the despair and anguish found within each richly textured track.  Fans of Poison the Well (which is pretty much everybody, isn’t it?) will definitely identify with the horrific pace and tempo of As Darkness Falls.  Sure, it’s hard to get a good feel for a band from an EP, but don’t miss this one-it’s good.