Review: Arson

““Lacerate The Sky””
(Resurrection A.D. Records)

Every time a new hardcore album comes out, there’s a chance that we’ll hear something new and incredible. Such is not the case for these sons of New Jersey. Typical heavy metal guitars, with typical heavy metal breakdowns. Average heavy metal double-bass drumming and awful hardcore vocals that sound like someone trying to crap a cantaloupe. It is mildly dark and somewhat brooding, but you’re not gonna trick this listener with tempo changes or crisp production. This is hackneyed. And ten songs with a pissed off frog at the mic? You’ve got to be kidding me. If the singer was able to do anything other than his throat-scraping gargle scream, this could possibly be decent. He can’t though, so it’s not. What’s worse is the layout. The cover sports a cartoon rendition of winged naked people amidst blood spatters, feathers and practically illegible scribbles representing the bands name and the albums title thoughtlessly placed across the crease, so it says ‘rson – acerate the sky’ with the booklet in the case. Another metal-core clone for kids to waste their money on? I hope not. There is one thing i do like about this disc. Track 8, ‘Changeling’. My vote for theme song to this year’s Renaissance Festival.