Review: Anti-Flag

“The Terror State”
(Fat Wreck)

I read a review of this album online a while back that really stuck in my head. The writer started off the review somewhere along the lines that “If I wanted to listen to some 13 year old sing about anarchy, I’d kill myself”. While mildy amusing, that’s a pretty bullshit statement. Justin Sane is 15, okay? Big difference. When he’s grows up, he’s gunna tan your hide!

All jokes aside, I think Justin’s probably like 17 or something. I used to loathe Anti-Flag for reasons unknown until I saw them perform, which then totally changed my opinion, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Anti-Flag is the political equivilent of the Bouncing Souls; it’s catchy, it’s punk rock and you can sing along to it. But instead of shouting the lyrics to “Born to Lose”, you recite “You’ve Got to Die for your Government” or something.

This album, although minus the popular Anti-Flag theme songs, is my new favorite, and not just because it comes with a stenciled picture of George W. Bush with the words “one term president” that you can cut out and spraypaint onto road signs, walls and SUV’s, although that’s pretty cool too.