Review: Anodyne

“The Outer Dark”
(Escape Artist Records)

Hello, this is the Dark Price, Satan.  When not orchestrating such catastrophic events as that “Baby Bob” TV show, I like to kick back with a Coors Cutter and the new Anodyne CD.  Sure, they’re not as metal as Marduk or Slayer, but they’re great background music for me down here in Fontana.  I mean Hell.  I meant to say Hell.  Anyway, this trio of scary musicians from NYC put out track after track of visceral, pounding, relentless metal-core.  My favorite song on the album is ‘Finest Craftsman’ with its lovely lyrics, “The lost art of grave diggers / Lasts forever / Will the sun shine on the day I die? / All these moments / Amount to nothing / Always is always / Always forever”.  From a personal standpoint, it’s nice to see those hardworking grave diggers finally get some of the respect they deserve.  Can you believe they don’t have a union?  My only real complaint with the record is that it boasts only eight tracks-no sympathy for the Devil, wouldn’t you agree?  But if you love metal (and I know you do) be sure to go out pick this one up.  I’ll be seeing you soon.