Modern Fix


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Have you ever not know much about a CD only to put it in and find you’ve come across one of the most eclectic things you’ve ever heard?  Well, that’s kind of what this is like.  Sitar-ish, trancey, mystic, gypsy music followed by a weird grunge balland charged with belly bursting screams (and it sounds like it was recorded in thirty seconds in Johnny Nobody’s bathroom) and then over to jazzy, lounge music.  I don’t know where to fit it all.  Among the acoustic guitar riffs and covers of “Old Lang Syne” I am even more confused with classification or having any idea what is going on.  (Yes, covers.  It’s on here twice.)  Each song is a little different than its predecessor and the ocassional vocal over largely instrumental creativity adds to the diversity.  There is certainly not a shortage of tracks with Middle-Eastern influences either.