Review: All That Remains

All That Remains
“Behind Silence and Solitude”
(Prosthetic Records)

All that Remains are a five piece death metal band hailing from Western Massachusetts. They are a very aggressively melodic metal band. They seem to have a strong European influence. You can really hear it in their music. Formally a lead singer of the band Shadow Falls, Philip Labonte leads the band with his horrific screams. You know it’s kind of funny, he kind of almost sounds like Cookie monster from “Sesame Street.” Imagine if the Cookie monster sang in a metal band. Anyway back to the review. The guitar work is great. Oli Herbert and Chris Bartlett wail with twin guitars.  The two guitar players provide awesome twin guitar leads and melodies throughout the album. Bass player Dan Egan and drummer Mike Bartlett aide as the backbone to the rhythm section of the band. The album kicks off with the title song “Behind The Silence and Solitude.” It’s packed with  Iron Maiden/Judas Priest like riffs. “From These Wounds” & “Follow” are some of their better songs. The song “Clarity” is all right. It’s got some great riffs and some cool solos. “Erase” is a  very creepy and dark song. It starts off very slow and then builds up into a very powerful song. It kind of reminds me of old school thrash bands like Slayer and Metallica. The rest of the songs are definitely head banging and fun. All That Remains is a great band but is lacking any originality in their songs. This album is perfect for the old school fan in you.