Review: All That Remains

All That Remains
“This Darkened Heart”

Aggressive metalcore.  Hardcore builds and breakdowns coupled with truckloads of chunky guitars.  The band display their Euro-metal influences with generous blends of dual guitar leads that soar through the breaks.  Two modes.  Kick you in the head, then soar above the chaos with some melodic leads.  Then break it apart again.

The vocals are generally barked with a heavy rasp, but there are some impressive backing vocals that should be brought forward more in the mix, but they do add the needed depth to the lyrical presence (see the chorus doubles on “The Deepest Gray”).  The consistency displayed throughout the disc makes the final result that much more impressive.

Holding down the middle ground between Unearth and InFlames, All That Remains gives “This Darkened Heart” enough credible chunk and technical guitar leads to earn them a slot in any metalheads collection.