Review: Alias


Alias is bugged.  Caught somewhere in that electro-fantasy world between Mantronix and London Town Dub.  His freak out beats will have the Boom-bappers and the Acid-tabbers Dos-E-Doh-ing in a gritty spiral of madness.  “Muted” spraypaints a burner in the darkest corners of your attic.  It’s not a very soothing piece, but dubby enough to evoke wide-eyed dream sequences of a wicked world, where drum beats replace national anthems.

With only two vocal tracks, featuring Markus Archer of Notwist and Pedestrian, this set of beats will have MC’s grabbing for pens, and Shroomers running from shadows.  If you are a fan of this Midwest underground conglomerate Anticon., then you will surely like the dub version.  If you like crisp, jiggy-synth club bangers, take your ass to Sam Goody, and find something else.