Review: Albert React

Albert React
“”Confluence & Scrapes””

I had seen advertisements for this record and I must admit I had this idea of what it would sound like. Fortunately for the band, the sound nothing like I had envisioned them sounding. Albert React do a great job at channeling the impact and intensity of the band Thursday. In fact if I didn’t have the booklet right in front of me I would have thought that this was a early Thursday album. Tracks like ‘’Vanilla’’ are as potent and infectious as anything out there right now.

The band obviously relies on the strength of vocalist Gabe Libhart as he sings and screams his way through the albums 10 songs, his power to emit his emotions through his music gives the songs power. I really like the fact that Gabe’s lyrics are personal but are still open to interpretation. “Confluence and Scrapes” features a lot of things here that will keep you coming back for repeated listening, something many records don’t have enough of. Highly recommended for anyone who digs Thursday or someone who wants to try something good.